On-Site Tours and Seminars

Rabine Group Facility Tours & Educational Seminars

On-site tours and seminars at Rabine University are taught by the industry’s leading engineers and experts.

Facility Tours consist of one-on-one or group tours of our Pavement Design Center and Roofing Design Center located at the Rabine Group headquarters in Schaumburg, IL. The Pavement Design Center features multiple pavement types and thicknesses utilizing surfaces of concrete and asphalt. The Roofing Design Center features 15 different roof types geared toward the advantages of energy efficiency and renewable energy generation, including an environmentally friendly vegetative garden roof.

Educational Seminars include our experienced experts and engineers educating our clients and partners on our cutting-edge technology, innovative products and services offered by the Rabine Group of companies. Popular seminars include Pavement 101, Stormwater Management, Sustainable Pavement & Roofing, Managing Your Property Assets and Fuel Freeze. Seminars can also be customized for any group of people interested in a specific product, service or company. All seminars include facility tours.

To schedule on-site tours and seminars at Rabine University or for more information, please contact Janelle Rabine at janellerabine@rabinegroup.com.

Whether you’re a property manager, commercial property owner, facility manager or national retailer, you and your team will learn best practices for replacement and maintenance that will make the investments in your property perform better and last longer. Schedule on-site tours and seminars today.

Rabine On-Site Tours and Seminars