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Crawford Roofing Experts provides professional roof and exterior building maintenance for industrial, commercial and institutional clients. We maintain over 40 million square feet of various roof systems throughout the Chicago metropolitan area, greater Milwaukee area and Northwest Indiana.

We specialize in maintenance, repair and replacement on all low-sloped roof systems. Our Mission: Extend the serviceable life of your roof and exterior building envelope. For over 33 years, our specially trained technicians have utilized proven and cutting-edge techniques as well as experience to diagnose and resolve even your most difficult exterior building moisture entry problems. Our standard repair procedures meet or exceed published roofing industry repair standards and recommendations.

Our Roofing Services


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Why Maintenance? All Roofs Eventually Leak.

When yours does we do not recommend replacement without a thorough investigation and a diligent attempt at repair. Crawford Roofing Experts runs on the premise that roofs don’t fail overnight. Therefore, its serviceable life may be extended through proper maintenance and repair.

We specialize in maintenance and repair of roofs and their related systems. Our tradesmen have a high rate of successfully finding and repairing roofing problems. This provides our customers with lower costs and a shorter period of inconvenience. All repairs are made in accordance with our modernized roofing techniques using compatible materials of the highest quality. Our crews are experienced with new and traditional types of roofing systems and are backed by our quality conscious management team.

When your plant or warehouse roof requires service, consider Crawford Roofing Experts. Better yet, for a FREE inspection and a preventative maintenance estimate, call today!


Client Testimonials


“Thank you and the crew for your immediate response and for giving up “Blackhawks” night to secure the roof. I appreciate your professionalism and ability to make our customer, Toynk Toys, at ease with the whole situation.”

Calmark Realty of Illinois

“Calmark Realty has used the services of Crawford Roof Maintenance for more than 25 years. As a property management firm, we depend heavily upon our contractors and vendors to accomplish our goals of maintaining high quality properties and satisfied tenants.”

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Roofing Products

We also encourage the use of Energy Star and Green Roof environmentally friendly products.



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