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Fuel & Oil Distribution, Efficiency & Savings

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Palatine Oil Company is your single source for fuel distribution services and cost savings. We are a one-stop provider of fuel, oil and lubricant solutions and fleet cards delivering cost savings and productivity for companies with a fleet of vehicles. We’ve been in the fuel business for more than 40 years, amassing expertise we leverage to help clients achieve improved business results.

Our Sales and Executive teams operate out of Mundelein, Illinois with dispatch facilities available all across Chicagoland.

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Fuel Distribution:

We provide on-site bulk delivery and tank storage of a wide range of fuels and direct-to-vehicle overnight fueling (wet hosing).

Fuels We Offer

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Biodiesel
  • Kerosene
  • Ethanol
  • E85

Oils & Lubricants:

We supply a wide range of oils and finished lubricants including engine oils, synthetics, grease and more.

Fleet Cards:

We offer convenience and control over transactions with the POC Xpress fleet card payment program.

  • Fleet Card Application
  • Credit Application
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Price Lock Solutions:

We help protect your earnings from the volatility of fuel prices by enabling you to lock in a fixed price for up to one year.

Fuel Equipment Supply and Service:

We help your company identify, procure, install and repair fuel storage and dispensing equipment; purchase and leasing programs are available.

We offer a full range of equipment including:

Client Testimonials

James K. Schwantz, CEO, Acres Group

“I’m very proud to say that Acres Group has had a great relationship with Palatine Oil for more than 20 years…Thanks to Fuel Freeze, we buy 75% of our fuel once a year; I don’t have to worry about the fluctuating cost of fuel prices. It is really helpful knowing what our costs are going to be for the upcoming season. Most vendor relationships come and go, but this one is lasting because POC’s service is extraordinary.”

Ken Coslet, Owner, Terra Cotta Truck Service, Inc.

“One of our drivers asked if we were still using #1 fuel oil in the spring. He thought that his truck was running and performing really well, and he thought he was still paying for #1 fuel oil, during the winter months. I explained to him that we had changed fuel companies, and when he learned that he was not paying for the higher end fuel oil, yet getting the same or better performance, he was pleasantly surprised. The service of Palatine Oil Company cannot be compared.”