Jointless Interior Concrete Industrial Flooring

PrimeComposite Flooring

PrimeComposite Engineered Flooring System is a revolutionary high-tech approach to concrete production that yields the strongest and leanest industrial floor in the world that require no joints on a daily pour. PrimeComposite is implemented as a new construction and makes a great alternative to typical concrete flooring. PrimeComposite projects are managed by concrete civil engineers.

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The strongest, toughest, leanest jointless concrete flooring in the world.

PrimeComposite is a concrete that is durable, sustainable, economical and crack-free. These superior qualities make it the material of choice for industrial and commercial flooring, such as in warehouses, large stores and showrooms, supermarkets, parking garages, manufacturing facilities and sports venues.

Standard concrete has two drawbacks: it is weak in elongation and it shrinks during hardening, resulting in cracks and curling, and creating significant challenges for contractors and companies. Years of engineering and testing have fueled our success in making concrete more like steel: smooth, seamless, strong.

Our patented approach to concrete production uses high dosage-rate steel fiber reinforcement in a special high performance concrete formulation enhanced by proprietary chemicals (which we call PrimeDC). We apply rigorous, technology-enabled quality management techniques in both mixing and pouring to yield a seamless surface that is highly ductile yet has no shrinkage or joints—eliminating post-installation problems.

More About PrimeComposite

PrimeComposite is so strong that it does not need traditional steel reinforcement bars. It can be used to produce a jointless surface in areas of up to 65,000 square feet.

PrimeComposite also reduces C02 emissions by 30%. Its thinner slab construction requires less cement consumption, thereby reducing the amount of natural resources needed. Earn points toward LEED Certification of your building.