Rabine Toolbox: The Freeze-Thaw Cycle 1

The Freeze-Thaw Cycle

What the harsh 2014 frost means for your pavement.

This year began with a rough winter as well as some of the worst frost the Midwest has seen in years. Weather this cold can wreak havoc on your pavement, causing trip hazards, potholes and sewer/catch basin failures.

When moisture permeates your pavement and freezes, it creates an Ice Lens. This Ice Lens pushes the pavement upward, creating cracks as well as walking hazards. With frost the worst its been in years, this moisture can cause serious damage to your pavement once it thaws.

The full effect of frost on your pavement is shown in the graphic below. Treating pavement damage immediately is vital to extending the life of your pavement and reducing issues in the spring. Contact a Rabine Group representative to learn how you can protect your pavement.


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One thought on “Rabine Toolbox: The Freeze-Thaw Cycle

  • L Smith

    Why aren’t the streets and roadways pitched more so that there is more positive drainage? Seems to me every measure possible should be taken to get the water off the streets, roadways and drive areas as fast and thoroughly as possible. The less water on any paved area, the less chance water will find a way under the pavement.