Rabine Group wins Chicago Innovation Award for PrimeComposite

Schaumburg, Ill. (Oct. 31, 2013) – Primekss Rabine, a Rabine Group company, was awarded the highly-respected 2013 Chicago Innovation Award for its new flooring system, PrimeComposite. Selected from more than 500 nominees, the award recognizes Rabine Group’s dedication to world-class innovation and commitment to revolutionizing the flooring industry.

“Rabine Group strives for innovation in everything we do,” said Gary Rabine, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rabine Group. “PrimeComposite is a perfect example of our commitment to delivering innovation that results in world class customer experiences and products. We are so proud to win a Chicago Innovation Award. It encourages us to strive for further innovation.”

PrimeComposite is the strongest, most sustainable jointless flooring system in the world. It was developed based on a client demand for more efficient flooring. Traditional concrete floors have joints that buckle, disrupting workflow and causing safety issues. PrimeComposite eliminates these issues with its jointless design and satisfies a need for a more sustainable product. Much thinner than traditional concrete, PrimeComposite uses less energy in manufacturing and installation, reduces maintenance and lasts longer.

“It was obvious that PrimeComposite deserved to be one of our 10 awardees, because of its series of breakthrough revolutions in everything from design, installation and sustainability—it epitomizes innovation,” said Tom Kuczmarski, co-founder of the Chicago Innovation Awards.

Steel fiber reinforcement, in a special high performance concrete formula, allows PrimeComposite to be poured 30 percent thinner than a conventional slab of concrete. Recognizing the need for process transparency, the team developed PrimeQuality. This system provides real-time information, tracking and quality control and enables a perfect concreting process. The result is a jointless flooring system that is far more durable, sustainable and economical than any concrete flooring option on the market. PrimeComposite with PrimeQuality is available through Primekss Rabine’s highly selective national network of licensees.

About Rabine Group

Rabine is committed to delivering quality, innovation, and exceeding our clients’ expectations. Rabine Group is a premier service provider for paving, roofing, snow removal, flooring oil and gas distribution and other construction needs. Rabine Group companies include: Rabine Paving, Rabine Paving America, Pavement Solutions, Rabine Utility Paving, Roofing Solutions America, R. Commercial Roofing Solutions, R.W. Roofing Solutions, Crawford Roofing Experts, Rabine Snow Pros, Pipe View, Palatine Oil Company, Rabine Powre Solutions and Primekss Rabine as well as the Rabine Group Foundation. For more information visit www.Rabine.com. Primekss is a worldwide concrete technology group, for more information visit www.PrimekssRabine.com.

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