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The Future in Electrical Power Quality

Rabine Power Solutions and Transpower Company have joined forces to bring you a new, game-changing technology in electrical power efficiency. This innovative Maximum Power Transfer Solution (MPTS) decreases total electrical power and amps while increasing electrical efficiency to greater than 97% through impedance matching. This is accomplished through patented, UL approved equipment unrivaled in cost efficiency, small footprint and relative ease of installation.

Power Quality

MPTS enhances electrical energy efficiency by dynamically matching the source and impedances through a unique switching network. This results in reduced total power consumption and efficiency improvement of almost 100%!

Power quality issues can be due to very high-speed events known as voltage impulses, electrical surges, spikes, transients, frequencies variations, presence of unwanted frequencies, wave shape faults, total power loss, noise, unbalanced load conditions, electromagnetic fields, electrostatic fields, electromotive voltages, electromagnetic interference, resonance, harmonic distortion, inductance, capacitance, improper grounding and neutral connections.

The MPTS improves power quality, decreasing the likelihood that an electrical device or load will:

  • Overheat
  • Malfunction
  • Fail Prematurely
  • Require High Maintenance
  • Not Operate At All

MPTS Benefits

  • Improves electrical efficiency to almost 100% through impedance matching
  • Reduces overloading of switchgear, transformers, cables etc.
  • Expands longevity of electrical and mechanical equipment
  • Maintains stability of voltage for connected equipment, etc.
  • Reduces operating and maintenance costs
  • Virtually eliminates harmonics (H series units)
  • Releases system capacity immediately creating higher availability
  • Decreases carbon footprint and improves energy availability
  • Supports renewable/alternative energy initiatives in solar, wind & co-generation

Business Testimonials

-Dan Dawson, CFO of Aurora Mental Health Center

“Every year due to power outages or surges we would have compressor failures that would dip into our emergency funds for repairs or replacements at a cost of $10,000 or more each time. With the MPTS units in place we have not lost a single compressor in two summers.”