Jointless Concrete Flooring

Primekss Rabine is the innovator of the PrimeComposite Engineered Flooring System.

We create value for our partners by building world-class jointless floors. Our patented innovation in flooring design, PrimeComposite, is the strongest, leanest, jointless industrial floor in the world. These advantages are possible because of our revolutionary, high-tech solution to pouring concrete using a special quality management system.For the past decade, building owners, contractors and developers in Europe and Scandinavia have chosen to implement this long-lasting, high quality concrete technology. Now, The Rabine Group has partnered with some of the best engineers in the world to bring this solution to North America.Current customers include Prologis, John Deere, IKEA and many more.

About PrimeComposite Design and Construction

  • Anti-shrink concrete
  • High concentration of steel fibers
  • High performance mix design
  • Optimized joint system


  • No curling
  • Control of joints
  • Smoother, flatter floor
  • Improved load transfer
  • Improved production
  • Less wear and tear
  • Long lasting
  • Reduces CO2 emissions