How to Effectively Manage Your Fuel Prices

How to Effectively Manage Your Fuel Prices

Palatine Oil Company’s Fuel Freeze™ program can help you manage your company’s fuel prices

Constantly changing fuel prices can make it difficult for you to manage your business costs. Palatine Oil Company gives you the opportunity to lock in fuel prices for up to one year, eliminating any surprise fuel costs for your company.

Fuel Freeze Solutions

Putting too much money in your gas tank?

POC’s Fuel Freeze™ program allows you to:

  • Gain better control over monthly fuel costs
  • Protect your earnings against price volatility
  • Lock-in margins & gain an edge over your competition
  • Preserve cash flow for capital expenditures
  • Purchase fuel from your preferred vendors
  • Increase predictability of cash flow
  • Allow managers to budget more accurately

Fuel Freeze™ is an innovative price lock program offered exclusively to POC clients. It allows you to lock in the price of fuel for 1-12 months before annual/seasonal increases occur by purchasing a desired amount at a fix rate over a period of time.

Gain better control over your fuel costs by locking in your price before gas prices rise. You do not pay up front, so cash flow is never negatively affected. Gain a competitive advantage by locking in your prices today.

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