Fuel Distribution

Fuel Distribution

Keep costs and fleet downtime low with our flexible fueling solutions

Palatine Oil offers convenient, economical ways for you to keep your vehicles and equipment fueled up and your business running efficiently.

We deliver a wide range of traditional and alternative fuels including gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, kerosene and E85 ethanol, plus a full line of oils and lubricants, for on-site bulk storage or overnight vehicle fueling (wet hosing). We offer flexible delivery sizes and frequency, highly trained and experienced drivers and 24/7 emergency service.

All Palatine Oil personnel is OSHA, tanker and HAZMAT certified and undergo our rigorous safety training at least four times annually.

Bulk Fuel Delivery and Storage

We keep your on-premise tanks filled with the appropriate fuels and lubricants. You reduce costs, improve cash flow and budgeting. Our turnkey program makes it easy:

  • Sign a fuel distribution contract of 1 or more years in duration
  • Lease or purchase fuel storage tanks from Palatine Oil (or use tanks you already own)
  • We take care of tank installation at no cost to you
  • Purchase the contracted number of gallons of fuel within the contract period
  • We promptly deliver and fill your tanks as requested
  • No up-front payment required

Direct-to-Vehicle Overnight Fueling (Wet Hosing)

Our mobile fueling team will fill up your trucks overnight, daily, at an agreed-upon rate, with your choice of fuels and lubricants. You reduce costs and risk and maximize productivity by keeping your team on the road and on time. You also eliminate capital costs of inventory and equipment and make budgeting simple.

  • No contractual commitment or up-front payment required
  • No minimum purchase required
  • We supply directly to vehicles and equipment during off-hours at the location you designate
  • We provide Per Unit Summary Reports for management oversight and financial control