Fuel Equipment

Equipment Supply & Service

Palatine Oil will help your company identify, procure, install and service the right equipment for your fuel and lubrication products.

Buy or lease fuel equipment from us and take advantage of advantageous pricing, possible because of our relationships and volumes with equipment manufacturers.

We offer a full range of equipment including:

  • Storage Tanks
  • Pumps and Other Dispensing Equipment
  • Fuel Control Systems
  • Tank Monitoring Systems
  • Oil Equipment

We provide a complete turnkey installation of equipment, including securing state and local permits. All drivers are OSHA, tanker and HAZMAT certified and undergo our rigorous safety training at least four times annually.

Palatine Oil is Illinois State Registered and Certified for the installation and upgrade of underground storage tanks and aboveground storage tanks.

Storage Tanks

  • Single wall skid tanks
  • Double wall skid tanks
  • Flameshield™ 2-hour fire rated aboveground tanks
  • Fireguard® concrete vault skid aboveground tanks
  • Tanks for gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil, waste oil
  • Portable tanks for trucks
  • Various underground tanks

Pumps and Other Dispensing Equipment

  • AC Utility Pumps
  • DC Utility Pumps
  • Tank mounted pumps and dispensers
  • Cabinet model and commercial pumps
  • Piston and rotary hand pumps
  • Station type pumps and dispensers
  • We use Fill-Rite Pumps on all of our tanks.

Oil Equipment

  • Oil and grease pumps
  • Overhead hose reels
  • Oil storage tanks
  • Meters and dispensing units
  • Oil evacuation systems

Fuel Control Systems

Full line of OPW Fuel Management Systems, including four popular Petro Vend products

Tank Monitoring Systems

  • Full line of OPW Fuel Management Systems, including two popular EECO Tank Gauges
  • Contract with us for Bulk Fuel Delivery and Storage, and we will cover tank installation. Our Wet Hosing solution may eliminate the need for tanks and pumps.