Fuel Freeze

Fuel Freeze

Lock in the best possible fuel price for up to one year

Exclusively for Palatine Oil customers, Fuel Freeze™ helps protect your earnings from the volatility of fuel prices. Here’s how:

  • Enter into a contract of one to twelve months in duration
  • You agree to purchase a designated quantity of fuel within the contract period
  • Your contract guarantees a fixed price for your fuel purchases, based on the lowest possible cost
  • No up-front payment required
  • No minimum purchase requirement

By locking in the price of fuel over a long duration of time, you can:

  • Avoid being impacted by seasonal and economic price fluctuations
  • Preserve cash flow for capital expenditures
  • Increase predictability of cash flow
  • Looking for a short-term price lock program for increased flexibility? Learn about Cap & Down™ from Palatine Oil.