Oils and Lubricants

Oils & Lubricants

POC is a one stop provider of a wide range of oils and lubricants

Palatine Oil Company supplies a complete line of top quality oils and lubricants, including products from Chevron. Consider which is the best fit for your organization, or contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

The most popular and commonly used products are listed here; call Palatine Oil to order any of a vast inventory of additional items.

Chevron Heavy Duty Engine Oil Lubricants

Critical Functions

  • Protects against wear at normal operating temperatures and during cold start
  • Holds soot in finely dispersed particles to minimize filter blockage, while resisting the formation of varnish, lacquer and sludge
  • Inhibits corrosion by neutralizing acids that are formed by combustion blow-by and oil oxidation
  • Prevents high temperature deposits from forming on components
  • Seals the cylinder walls, allowing efficient compression and minimizing power loss
  • Cools critical engine components

Delo® 500 LE

Viscosity: SAE 15W-40, SAE 10W-30

  • Formulated with ISOYSN Technology, rivaling synthetic performance
  • Maximizes drain intervals and engine durability
  • Recommended for use in four stroke EGR/SCR diesel engines, equipped with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) and previous diesel engines
  • SAE 10W-30 delivers optimal fuel economy; up to 1.3% over SAE 15W-40 engine oil

Delo® 500 LE Synthetic

Viscosity: SAE 5W-50


  • Full synthetic engine oil
  • Delivers outstanding engine protection during extreme cold starts (-30 degrees C) and under extremely high ambient temperatures
  • Maximizes drain intervals and engine durability
  • Meets the latest API service requirements for diesel engines equipped with EGR/SCR and DPFs as well as previous diesel engines operating in a wide range of climatic/temperature conditions

Chevron Hydraulic Oil Lubricants

Critical Functions

  • Acts as a hydraulic fluid—transmits and controls power
  • Protects against adhesive wear at normal operating temperatures and during cold start
  • Protects against corrosive wear
  • Provides long service life
  • Carry away contaminants
  • Resist aeration and foaming in severe churning environments

Rando® HDZ

Viscosity: ISO 15, ISO 22, ISO 32, ISO 46, ISO 68, ISO 100 (ISO 32, 46 and 68 are preferred viscosity grades for pumps)

  • Premium hydraulic oil designed to meet the service requirements for the most severe applications, including high operating temperature and pressure systems
  • High viscosity index, which provides minimal viscosity change over wide range of operating temperatures
  • Fast water separation and excellent filterability needed for system with close tolerances
  • High oxidation stability and keep clean performance, delivering long service life in high pressure systems

Clarity® Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW

Viscosity: ISO 32, ISO 46, ISO 68

  • A premium synthetic, ashless, multi-viscosity hydraulic oil designed to give maximum protection for the most severe environments in mobile and industrial applications
  • Provides the longest service oil life in the Chevron hydraulic line, delivering excellent oxidation and keep clean performance in high pressure (>5,000 PSI) and high temperature applications
  • Environmentally sensitive product with very low acute aquatic toxicity
  • High viscosity index combined with outstanding shear stability performance, delivering maximum hydraulic efficiency and component protection
  • Excellent cold start (30 degrees C) and outstanding foam and air release-performance helping to prevent cavitation
  • Fast water separation and excellent filterability to promote long filter life

Chevron Grease Lubricants

Critical Functions

  • Lubricate bearings and bushings
  • Seal out both solid and liquid contaminants
  • Protects against corrosive wear
  • Provides long service life—minimize re-lubrication intervals
  • Carry away contaminants
  • Resist premature run-out (leakage) and excessive usage (housekeeping related to grease waste stream)
  • Products Include

Delo® Grease ESI

Base Oil and Soap Type: Minteral + Lithium Complex

  • Formulated for extreme pressure in extended service wheel bearing and chassis applications including the steering drag links, king pins, transmission cross shaft spring pins, shackle pins, brake cam shafts and fifth wheel faceplates and pivots operating under high and low temperature conditions
  • Meets NLGI LB requirements for low temperature operation and exceeds the requirements of NLGI LB for EP protection and wheel bearing life
  • Designed for extreme duty in a wide variety of on-highway and light duty off-road vehicle and equipment applications
  • Designed using high viscosity base oils, which offer excellent protection in severe duty, high shock load conditions where typical ambient temperatures are above -18 degrees C (0 degrees F)
  • Not recommended for unheated shops where centralized automatic dispensing systems or long manual grease runs are the preferred method of lubrication and normal operating temperatures are consistently below -7 degrees C (20 degrees F)