Storage Tanks

Aboveground Fuel Storage Tanks

We utilize the 2-hour fire rated Flameshield™ and Fireguard® tanks in our operations:


  • Tight-wrap double-wall design
  • 2-hour fire resistance
  • Built-in secondary containment
  • Interstitial monitoring capability
  • In compliance with NFPA 30A and SwRI 97-04 fire-resistant tank requirements


  • Exceeds the UL 2-hour fire test
  • Sufficiently porous to facilitate quick emergency venting and/or leak detection
  • Secondary containment is testable on-site using standard, economical testing procedures
  • Steel outer wall provides low-cost maintenance and protects the insulation material from weathering
  • Unique thermal insulating material is 75% lighter than concrete, reducing shipping, installation and relocation costs