National Asphalt & Concrete Paving Services

The Rabine Group is a full service provider of commercial pavement engineering, construction, parking lot design, pavement maintenance and repair services.

Our offices in Chicago and Denver as well as certified partners in every state allow us to provide paving services for facilities nationwide.

We engineer asphalt and concrete parking lots, sidewalks, roadways, curbs, gutters, decorative pavement, dolly pads, truck courts, catch basins and underdrains and more. We eliminate and prevent potholes, cracks and other parking lot issues.

The Rabine Group inspects sewer systems using advanced technology. This contributes to the design of construction and pavement maintenance projects.

From national retail developments to local pothole repairs at a single site, the Rabine Group will address your needs.

We accomplish a comprehensive scope of paving work. Pavement services include:

Innovation is what drives us. In the late 90s, Rabine Paving developed Rabine Pavement Management (RPM). RPM is a 5 year budget plan for parking lots designed to save clients money and prolong the pavement’s lifespan. Learn more about RPMs here.

Rabine Group leads the industry in world class pavement engineering, innovation and advancements in technology. We are dedicated to bringing you the most current and quality products and services available. Emerging paving technologies transform the way we think about pavement construction and repair. Rabine Group brings you the most unique and innovative pavement products and techniques offered throughout the industry.

The Rabine Group aims to change the way facility managers view paving companies. Our unique Pavement Design Center allows clients to see a wide range of sustainable pavement materials. Clients and partners can receive training from our experts at our Rabine University Auditorium. On Site Tours and Training.

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