Asphalt and Concrete Pavement Construction

Rabine Paving provides concrete and asphalt construction services specific to your pavement and parking lot design needs.

After conducting our initial engineering analysis, steps we perform as part of the construction process include:

  • Excavation and grading of the area—performed as necessary to establish the desired grade and drainage.
  • Placement and compaction of an aggregate base course.
  • Application of a specifically designed asphalt mix to present a finished surface as specified.

Our experienced pavement engineers work with a variety of pavements in all conditions. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best possible solutions for your specific pavement:

My project is an existing pavement in need of an addition.

Is your lot is in good shape, but you have the need to expand the area? Rabine Paving will evaluate the slope or pitch of the project in order to maintain correct drainage or runoff for your new addition. If you are in need of a seamless addition where the old and new asphalt meet, Rabine Paving suggests the infrared method. With our skills and innovative technology, we will help you achieve your economic and environmental goals.

My project is still in the blueprint stage and we have not broken ground.

Our civil engineers will look over your blueprint in detail to determine the size, slope, drainage and special requirements for your paving project. Your project manager will provide an estimate to you in a timely manner, and will answer any questions you may have.

My project is a gravel area in need of pavement.

Rabine Paving will determine the depth of the current gravel, what type of gravel you currently have, and if any additional gravel is needed to provide the proper base thickness for your paving project.

Pavement Construction