Site Utilities & Excavation

Excavation Services

Excavation is an option if the entire damaged asphalt and sub-base must be removed from the site.

Rabine Group may advise that excavation is the most effective course of action if a drive or parking lot has not been properly maintained and serious issues are detected. Such issues include diminished appearance, deep cracks, fractures and holes, puddling, crumbling, drainage issues, water damage and compromised substrate.Excavation

The excavation process is similar to that of remove and replace, often with a more profound depth (up to 12”):

  • Saw cut or mill the area or surface
  • Remove the deteriorated asphalt to the depth required
  • Compact the base
  • Apply a tack coat for bonding
  • Apply asphalt
  • Compact asphalt with roller or plate

Site Utilities

Rabine Paving assumes responsibility for a full range of project management tasks to prepare for project kickoff and ensure that your project runs smoothly:

  • Grading ordinances
  • Legal and landmark research
  • Permits and other pre-construction planning
  • Hauling and storage of materials and equipment
  • Route to construction site
  • Site fencing
  • Land clearing
  • Soil compaction
  • Cutting and filling work
  • Excavation and demolition
  • Underground utilities (water, sewer, storm, fire, infiltration)
  • Sewer pipeline televising
  • Erosion and stormwater control
  • Site grading
  • Safety standards compliance (OSHA, local codes)
  • Schedule management