MacMat® Asphalt Resurfacing

Resurfacing entails leveraging a polymer-modified, cold overlay paving material formulated to remedy a broad range of pavement surface problems. It is a good choice when traditional sealcoating is not sufficient.

Rabine Group has extensive experience using innovative resurfacing techniques and materials as a lasting, cost effective solution to surface roadways, paths and more.

MACMAT-AR® Features:

  • An advanced version of a Type II micro-surface. Although similar to micro, MACMAT-AR® offers superior performance, durability and adhesion.
  • A high solids polymerized liquid asphalt resurfacer. MACMAT-AR® is an excellent tool for a wide range of pavement defects and varying surface conditions.
  • Incorporates specially graded aggregate to achieve a tough, highly durable and slip resistant surface up to 1/4” thick. A thickness of up to 1.5” can be achieved with multiple lifts.
  • Recommended for pavements 3 years and older.

MACMAT-AR® Benefits

  • Encapsulates the pavement to prevent water intrusion, reducing maintenance requirements and creating a safer pavement.
  • Provides superior wet pavement friction and better traction in freezing conditions.
  • Speeds the melting of snow and ice due to its rich, black color which remains throughout its life.
  • Boasts flexibility in warmer climates, which can aid in the reduction of reflective cracking.