Pavement Maintenance & Repair

With proper maintenance, asphalt surfaces can last for many years.Paving- Maintenance Services

We can help preserve and extend the life of your pavement with proactive, ongoing preventative maintenance.

Our in-house crews are equipped to fix issues and eliminate the problems of sinkholes, cracks, holes and deterioration of function and appearance. Such situations can develop quickly; we are on call to address them.

Rabine Pavement Engineers prevent future pavement defects by understanding the material, the environment and its application. Our engineers benefit you by understanding where money needs to be spent to save in the future. They maximize spend by budgeting for repairs and maintenance at the right time.

It is important to maintain pavements to keep parking lots safe for clients, team members and the public. Pavement failures (especially potholes) are a serious liability for people as well as equipment. Pavements in good condition are easier to access and are more productive working environments.

Pavement defects include sinkholes, potholes, edge cracking, curb and gutter failure, alligator cracking, shrinkage, joint cracking, ponding, and shoving. Maintaining pavement prevents these from happening or worsening.

Our pavement maintenance and repair techniques include:


Applying a thin coating to pavement improves its appearance, slows water, oil and gas penetration, and is easy to clean.

Crack filling and crack sealing

Sealing cracks reduces pavement deterioration by eliminating surface water penetration into the underlying base and subgrade.


This polymer-modified, cold mix paving system remedies a broad range of pavement surface problems.


Patching and infrared patching techniques resolve potholes, alligatored and excessively raveled areas and major cracks.

Catch Basin and Underdrainage

Excavation and cleaning of drainage structures and lines order to reduce stormwater damage and ensure proper functioning.

Striping and Pavement Markings

Improve the appearance of parking lots by re-applying parking stall stripes and other markings.