Pavement Removal & Replace

Sometimes most effective course of action is to remove and replace a deteriorated surface rather than attempt to repair it. If a parking lot has not been properly maintained, serious issues are likely to arise, including diminished appearance, deep cracks, fractures and holes, puddling, crumbling, drainage issues, water damage and compromised substrate.

Rabine Paving is experienced at performing remove and replace services. The process includes these steps:

  • Saw cut or mill the area or surface
  • Remove the deteriorated asphalt to the depth required
  • Compact the base
  • Apply a tack coat for bonding
  • Apply asphalt
  • Compact asphalt with roller or plate

Our team of experts and civil engineers can evaluate your pavement and specify the best solutions to correct pavement failure that align with your economic and environmental goals. If replacement is the chosen direction, we will help develop a plan for long-term maintenance.