Sealcoating & Striping

Asphalt Sealcoating & Pavement Striping Services

Sealcoating Services

Asphalt pavement is designed to be a flexible surface made from asphalt emulsion and fine aggregates. Aging can become accelerated if the pavement is left unsealed. Sealcoating is one of the most important ways to maintain an asphalt parking lot.

Sealcoating is the application of a thin coat of coal tar pitch or asphalt emulsion mixed with inert fillers, water, emulsifying agents or additives.

Rabine Group uses quality materials and a proven sealcoating technique to deliver outstanding resistance to water seepage, petroleum spills, oxidation from the sun and other damaging elements. Sealcoated pavements will last 30-50% longer than pavements that are left unsealed.

Why sealcoat? Consider these reasons:

Curb appeal

Customers and tenants often see a parking lot before any other aspect of your property. Sealcoating ensures a positive first impression by enhancing the appearance of your property.

Easy maintenance

Sealcoating creates a smooth and even surface, making your pavement far easier to clean.

Cost savings

An independent study by the Pavement Coatings Technology Center at the University of Nevada at Reno shows conclusively that maintaining asphalt with sealcoat every three years saves an average of $152,500 for a typical commercial parking lot over 15 years.

This equates to a 48% savings over the life of an unmaintained parking lot. With oil prices considerably higher and less stable today, the savings could be even higher than this estimate.

Striping & Pavement Markings

Enhance the value of your property with a well-maintained, efficient, compliant parking lot and roadway.

Repainting your parking lot makes your property look newer and well cared for. Curb appeal helps develop customer and tenant loyalty.

We apply pavement markings to help control pedestrian and vehicle traffic and maximize parking real estate for tenants, customers and employees. We also create custom stencils—a great way to enhance your brand.

We also help you avoid fines and penalties by ensuring compliance with federal, state and municipal ADA regulations.

Our Pavement Marking Services include:

  • Striping
  • Curb painting
  • Arrows
  • Crosswalk markings
  • Stenciling
  • Custom stencils
  • Signage

ADA Compliance

It is imperative that all facilities provide property access in compliance with federal, state, and municipal regulations.
ADA compliance refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 which prohibits discrimination towards individuals with disabilities. Businesses and parking lots which are ADA compliant have created appropriate parking spaces, signage, etc. in order to accommodate individuals with disabilities according to the stated ADA Accessibility Guidelines. For more information on the complete list of ADA guidelines, visit the ADA website.

Rabine Paving helps you achieve ADA compliance via appropriate pavement markings and signage. Avoid fines and penalties and ensure easy access to your property.