Signage & Car Stops

We create and implement speed bumps and car stops—devices that help create a safe parking lot and roadway.

Clear, attractive signage is a critical component of an efficient, compliant parking lot and roadway. Pavement Solutions creates and installs the signs you need. Our signs are of high quality and meet or exceed industry standards.

Traffic Control Signs

Traffic control signs direct people safely around the parking area and to your building(s). Examples include signs for stop and yield, directional arrows, speed limits, loading-zones, pickup areas, crosswalks, parking rules and more.

ADA Handicap Signs

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has requirements for handicap parking areas for public establishments. There are size and placement requirements for handicap stalls that must be met. Pavement Solutions is experienced with these requirements, as well as those of other states and municipalities, and ensures compliance with them. We have provided handicap spaces for well-known fast food restaurants, large corporations, and small businesses for more than 30 years.

Speed Bumps

Typically made in asphalt or recycled rubber for a sound structure, speed bumps help control traffic speed in parking lots and roads. This technique also provides pedestrian protection, especially near walkways crossing over a road or parking lot. Pavement Solutions can make and install speed bumps of any custom size your project may require. We advise as to the best placement and design of the speed bumps for your property.

Car Stops

Rabine Group offers car stops and truck stops in concrete, rubber and other materials. This device keeps cars from rolling into other cars, from running into the sidewalk of a property, and from rolling off the edge of a parking lot. Car stops also protect landscaping from winter maintenance.