UltraLot® Whitetopping

UltraLot® Whitetopping Overlay

UltraLot® Whitetopping is a state-of-the-art combination of design procedures and construction techniques that provide a long-term solution for aging pavements. In most cases, the pavements service life can be doubled or tripled using a concrete overlay. Once completed the pavement requires little or no maintenance.

Only minor repairs may be needed to ensure uniform support prior to overlaying with concrete.  Depending on the level of distress in the existing asphalt pavement the designer has two pavement options.  Use the existing asphalt pavement as a strong sub base or bonded together with the new concrete to assist in carrying future traffic. Either overlay technique allows for complete optimization of the total pavement system.

The thinnest UltraLot® Whitetopping Overlay Rabine Paving has done is 2.5″ but the most common thickness is between 3″ and 4″.


Key advantages of UltraLot® Whitetopping include:

Strength: Concrete hardens and continues to gain strength over its life.  Typically, concrete gains over 20% more strength during its lifetime.

Durability: With an average lifespan of 30 years, concrete can outlast other pavement types. Concrete pavements frequently surpass their design lives.

Low Life Cycle Cost: Longer life expectancies and minimal maintenance costs give concrete a long-lasting value.

Sustainability: Reduced urban heat island effects and use of industrial byproducts like fly ash, slag help reduce waste.

Safety: Concrete pavements are safer, boasting significant light reflectivity and reducing energy requirements.

Ease of construction: Concrete pavements can be constructed and opened for use in a matter of hours if needed.

Customized appearance: Modern design techniques offer a variety of aesthetic choices when designing in concrete.