Retail Facilities

Retail Facilties

Lowering Energy Costs For Your Retail  Store Facility

Most retail facilities cost including energy accounts for their largest operating expense after the cost of products and labor. In a typical retail facility energy costs are driven by lighting and HVAC systems which are perfect candidates for TransPower Company’s MPTS devices. Among retail stores, supermarkets and drug stores have above average energy usage due to the power consumption of freezers and refrigeration.

Our UL Approved MPTS devices use a unique innovative technology to save energy by decreasing electrical losses, thus increasing the electrical network efficiency. MPTS solutions can decrease your total electrical consumption by an average of 20 to 30 percent while decreasing the total electrical demand costs for your company. The solution is nonintrusive, fail-safe, and can be implemented in weeks to realize savings as soon as the solution is turned ON.

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