A Solution To OSHA’s New Silica Standards

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration recently announced that it will be proposing new standards to limit the exposure of silica dust in the workplace. Silica can be deadly to workers as the dust is known to cause lung disease and cancer. The new rules would revise the standards put in place 40 years ago and impose even higher restrictions on the amount of exposure workers have to the silica dust.

OSHA estimates that the new standards would prevent nearly 1,600 new cases of silica and save 700 lives annually. Consequently, the new standards could cost the construction industry $640 million, or over $1,200 a business, to comply.

Silica dust exposure occurs most often in operations using sand products, fracking and cutting or drilling or stone products, such as sawing concrete.

This new OSHA regulation has caused some controversy as it requires workers doing the saw cutting indoors as well as all other indoors workers near the saw cutting operation must wear masks and tyvek. Quite a disruption to jobsites!

Going jointless is the realistic solution for complying to these new standards and reducing risk. PrimeComposite is an innovative concrete flooring that features no curling or joints. No joints means no saw cutting and no silica dust. Better for workers and for floors!  

For more information on this jointless flooring innovation, visit www.PrimekssRabine.com

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