Gary Rabine Featured In Northwest Herald

Gary Rabine Featured In Northwest Herald

Johnsburg businessman pays it back through True Mentors

Mentoring organization connects young professionals with prominent business figures

Johnsburg resident Gary Rabine never would’ve gotten where he is in business if it wasn’t for the help and guidance of many mentors along the way.

Rabine, founder and CEO of Schaumburg-based Rabine Group, wanted to share the secrets of his success with others. So, he created True Mentors, a program that brings together powerful business executives with budding entrepreneurs.

“The biggest reason for my success is mentoring,” he said. “This is invaluable to me. I want to help others, and I want people to have an easier time finding mentors. My goal is to build up a mentorship network with mentors from different industries.”

The Rabine Group is a $210 million dollar conglomerate of 11 companies. It includes Rabine Paving, which does commercial and residential paving throughout the Chicago area, and Rabine Paving America, a business that paves parking lots for large companies across the country.

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Rabine Group Announces New National Director of Business Development – Utilities

<strong>Schaumburg, Illinois (March 28, 2016)</strong> – Rabine Group introduces Carl Oko as the National Director of Business Development and Utilities for the group of companies.

Oko has more than 37 years of leadership experience in the gas and electric utility industry, overseeing operations and working with major utility providers, contractors and suppliers throughout the United States.

Prior to joining Rabine Group, Oko held business development roles for companies including Infrasource, Intercon Construction, and INTREN, and was instrumental in the largest utility relocation project in Minnesota history to make way for the Light Rail Transit.

“Carl brings solid relationships and in depth knowledge of the utility industry to Rabine Group. He is a pivotal player in an area that is gaining speed and growth at our company. We are blessed to have Carl on our team, his talent is exceptional but more importantly his core values match those of our organization,” says Gary Rabine, CEO of Rabine Group.

Rabine Snow Pros is Recognized by SIMA

Rabine Snow Pros is Recognized by SIMA

The Rabine Snow Pros Supervisor Team was recognized as 2015 All-Stars for their outstanding performance from SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association).

Jamie Nicolai, Omar Jose Reyes, Arnie Pope, Ignacio Lagunas, Pedro Villagomex, Chad Swanson, Phil Keller and Jeff Krazinski make up the supervisor team at Rabine Snow Pros. Their dedication to safety is shown through the safety record of the company. Slip and falls, and employee injuries have decreased dramatically.

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